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Imagine a relationship with your dentist where you have the option to go for any dental procedure at your own pace…

That relationship that you need to feel safe…

That sense of control to reduce any automatic anxiety response.


Now, turn your dreams into reality. Let’s meet!

Our Practice

The procedures and devices used at Langley Dental, create a unique and delicate approach to modern dentistry, focused on beneficial results and tailored to meet the needs of each patient.

You can easily relax and erase any unpleasant memories from past dental visits.

Langley Dental Clinic

Our Principal

I would be pleased if you’d choose us here, at Langley Dental, to serve your dental needs and be part of a family of fine patients.

It is my and my team’s privilege to serve you and to provide you with our best possible care.


Our Team

     We are happy to welcome you to our dental practice.

Your healthy smile is our passion and besides being committed to providing you with the best oral care, we’re doing our best to make your dental goal as affordable as possible.

Langley Dental Team

Our Ethos

High quality prevention with minimum intervention

Langley Dental Clinic’s philosophy is high quality prevention coupled with minimum intervention dentistry where we try to achieve maximum results with minimum active intervention.

The principles of minimum intervention are quite simple, we diagnose and identify risk factors early on our journey to prevent decay and gum disease. we emphasise the preventative aspects of dental care to minimise active intervention (drilling!) by the dentist, and when there is no option other than to remove decay by drilling we always do the minimum possible to try to keep as much tooth structure as possible.

That means we will try to save teeth rather than taking them out, and fixing teeth with white fillings rather than crowns. This differs massively from the “traditional” approach of drill and fill with no regard to prevention or the future health of the whole mouth.

Our Principal Dentist

A Dedicated Dental Professional

Principal Dentist

Our Team

A Team Of Dental Professionals

We offer most of dental treatments here so we have a team of qualified and dedicated dental professionals to help you on your journey.

You may need Christine our gentle hygienist to clean your teeth and our implantologist with more than 30 years of experience helps with our implants.

Our Practice

A Place For Dental Excellence

We are a fully private practice in the heart of Langley, Berkshire. Because we are not limited by the NHS we can offer all our patients a full range of dental treatments with very high quality at a reasonable cost.

We pride ourselves on being at the forefront of what dental technology has to offer, the benefits for you is that you can trust that your treatment will be at an excellent standard with no cost cutting or short cuts taken.

Our Location

In the heart of Langley, Berkshire.

We are located in the heart of Langley, Berkshire, with easy access to Slough, Windsor, Datchet, Iver, Gerrard’s Cross and the surrounding areas.

We have a large car park and are only a few minutes from the M4 and M25. The train station is about 10-15 minutes walk.


Outcomes We Love To Achieve

Long Lasting Results


Long Lasting Results

Long Lasting Results


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