A 56 year old female patient was referred by her general practitioner to see how dental implants could help her. She was edentulous in the maxilla and had eight teeth remaining in the lower arch. The patient was unhappy with the retention of the upper denture and her dental problems had caused her to become very self conscious.

Dental Implants by Langley Dental Clinic and Implant Centre

An implant-retained fixed bridge was the only alternative to continuing with the upper denture. In the lower arch the patient had no posterior teeth to support the bridges. The only way to fill the gaps was to replace the missing teeth with individual implants.

The patient decided to go ahead with implant treatment. ANKYLOS A11 and A14 implants were placed in the upper arch, together with sinus elevation on both sides. ANKYLOS B9.5, A11, A8 and C11 implants were also placed in the lower arch.

Dental Implants by Langley Dental Clinic and Implant centre.

Dr Pate explains, “I place ANKYLOS implants by choice for their predictability, ease of use and built-in platform switching.”

The patient experienced no problems, aside from sight bruising. Four months later the implants were exposed and impressions taken. The final restoration with a bridge and crowns took place after six months.

The patient is very happy with the results. She says her new teeth are better than the ones she had as a teenager.