I had worn a temporary plate a few years back  for a couple of months  whilst a bottom bridge was being prepared and it was in my experience a total nightmare with it constantly lifting, and the whole ‘take out’ thing made me cringe so I instantly knew that I had to investigate an alternative to a plate for my top teeth loss; and that research took me to Langley Dental Clinic and Implant Centre, Slough Berkshire and my introduction to Gordon and his team.

Gordon is a ‘say it how it is’ kind of dentist and told me everything I needed to know about different implant procedures, and unlike other dentists, who were prepared to speed up the procedure  which appealed to me as the thought of having a plate during the process mortified me, he made me realise time between stages was essential for implants to fix better improving long term success.  So after discussions, xrays and an agreed price, it was all systems go and treatment began.

For me the worst part of the process was wearing the plate. Being a 40 something, social, party animal type of character, I enjoy going out  with friends, meeting, chatting and enjoying new people’s company and I instantly lost a lot of confidence.  I noticed I was wary about chatting and so on because I knew I had a plate in and imagined everyone else would know too,  and  when I had to remove my plate at home my self esteem was lowered. I felt awful about it from the off but thank goodness it was just temporary and I would end up with fixed teeth again.

Time soon flew and near the end, the colour of the teeth was discussed and I was adamant I wanted Whiter than White Hollywood  nashers, but again Gordon advised me on a shade darker, saying people should notice your face then see your great teeth and not the other way round! He even got samples and put them in my mouth and after looking in the natural light, he was a hundred percent right.

Finally the wonderful moment came!  Out came the vile plate, replaced by my dental  implant teeth. Gordon gave me the mirror and when I saw my new fixed teeth, I had one instant reaction;  I cried…. with happiness. They were wow, looked amazing and instantly I felt right about myself again and that was priceless. Approximately six months on, I have had countless compliments about my teeth when I go out, and  it just makes me smile even more, because a fab one now :)) … Thank you Langley Dental Clinic and Implant Centre.