Dental Implants saved my smile

This patient came to see us with unsightly loose teeth, which had been caused by gum disease. This in turn, destroyed the bone that was holding the teeth in place, the patient was also a smoker which did not help either!

After a lengthy discussion it was decided the top teeth could not be saved, the patient did not want dentures, leaving us with one option dental implants. This was obviously a big decision emotionally  and financially, as the treatment plan was very involved.

We begun by removing the old teeth and inserting the dental implants, this was carried out on the same day. To ensure a quality of life for the patient, we created a temporary denture to wear whilst the dental implant treatment was carried out. This also re-inforced the patients decision to have dental implants, as they found the denture difficult to live with.

Dental implants require 3 months to settle, this also allows the extraction sockets to heal as well. In the meantime lower crowns were placed on the remaining teeth, using our advanced dental technology. The crowns were all manufactured and fitted from our Langley Dental Clinic, near Slough, Berkshire.

After 3 months the implants were exposed and healing caps placed to keep the holes open and shape the gum.

Impressions were taken and the crowns were made and fitted. The patient was overjoyed with the results and brand new smile.