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quality care and an outstanding service to all our patients

General Dentistry

Our philosophy at The Langley Dental Clinic is to provide quality care and an outstanding service to all our patients in all areas of general dentistry.

Therefore as well as offering advanced treatments, we also cater for all your general dentistry needs, from routine examinations to any treatment you may require.

New Patients

 If you are new to Langley Dental Clinic and Implant Centre, or simply looking to change dentist, we would be delighted to see you as a new patient.

Usually new patients will see us for a check-up appointment which will involve an examination of your mouth and teeth. If necessary, a diagnosis will be made and a treatment plan presented to you.

Here at Langley Dental Clinic, we strive to offer the highest possible care, quality and customer service. Our team are friendly and approachable and are able to offer you the right advice so that whether it is routine care or perhaps a cosmetic treatment, you can always make an informed choice.

We hope that you will decide to join our practice as a patient but if it helps you to make a decision, you are very welcome to arrange to visit the practice beforehand. Simply contact us so that we can arrange a suitable time to show you around and meet the team.

To register as a new patient, simply click the button bellow or call our practice at 01753 540 111.

Dental Hygiene

 It is essential to maintain good oral hygiene to keep your gums healthy.

Over time plaque builds up in our mouth on our teeth and hardens to become calculus, this calculus can’t be removed by your toothbrush and makes it harder for you to clean your teeth efficiently.

By seeing our hygienist regularly she will remove the build up of calculus and check how you are coping with your oral hygiene so as to give you advice on how you can improve your cleaning.

The hygienist can recommend how often you need to visit her and what oral hygiene aids you can use at home to maximise your ability to keep your teeth and mouth clean.

Dental Emergency

 If you need emergency treatment please phone us at Langley Dental Clinic & Implant Centre as soon as possible and we’ll do our best to book you an appointment on the same day – whether you’re an existing patient or not.

In most circumstances, treatment can be carried out at this emergency appointment though follow up appointment(s) may also be necessary.

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