This patient, attended the surgery in pain in an emergency as his dentist couldn’t see him.

After discussion it emerged he was not happy with the appearance of his teeth and knew he had periodontal problems. Radiographs revealed a lot of bone loss throughout the mouth with pus present. It was decided the best course of action was extraction and implants as the patient was adamant he didn’t want dentures.

The majority of the teeth were extracted except the lower canines which were used to support a temporary bridge, and a temporary full upper denture was provided.

A two month healing period was left and eight implants in each jaw were placed. Ankylos were the implants of choice because of their ease of use. Various sizes were placed predominantly A11 and B11 together with sinus lift in the upper right quadrant. Healing was uneventful and the patient remarked how pain free the whole process had been.

A further six month healing period was left before the Ankylos implants were exposed and the healing caps fitted. One week later impressions were taken and the bridge work was undertaken by Mario Theunissen of TWDL Dental laboratory, my regular technician.

After a couple of trial fits the final bridgework was placed. The pictures speak for themselves. Naturally the patient was delighted.